Terms & Conditions

Our courses are regulated by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and all instructors are authorised to conduct training to the level that they have been authorised to.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

You will need to present a valid driving licence on the day of your CBT. Failure to produce your driving licence may result in the course being terminated and the loss of your fee.

All candidates are required to make payment of a 50% deposit at the time of booking the CBT course.

In the event of the student requiring further training to complete the CBT then Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre (BMTC) will offer an additional three hour period free of charge, subject to the instructors discretion, if you have completed a 'taster session' prior to undertaking a full CBT course. This additional period will be taken within twenty one days of the original CBT taking place or a further fee will be charged for completion of the CBT.

If you wish to cancel your course for any reason, you MUST provide a minimum of 3 (three) full working days’ notice before the start of your course.

In the event of payment being made on line for courses or vouchers, then those course will be taken within a six month period from the date of booking or the payment will be forfeited. 

Trainees booking through the www.rideto.com booking system shall comply with the terms and conditions as displayed on that website as if they relate to Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Limited. 

Cancellation of CBT course: 

If you wish to cancel your CBT course for any reason, you MUST provide a minimum of 3 (three) full working days’ notice before the start of your course Cancellations made within 3 (three) full working days will result in the loss of your entire paid fees.

All types of training.

Eyesight: You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. If you require glasses or contact lenses to do this then you must wear them for the duration of your training. If you fail to meet the eyesight requirements then the course will be terminated.

Driving Licence: You will need to present a valid driving licence on the day of your training if it has not previously been examined by an instructor.

Insurance: Prior to undertaking training on the road the declaration that forms part of our insurance requirement as printed on our trainee registration form will be read and signed by the student. Our insurance excess for any damage or claim is £350. Machines do get damaged from time to time as that is 'part of the job' and if only minor damage occurs, e.g. a broken lever, then reimbursement will take place by the trainee only for the parts damaged. The insurance excess will only be charged in the event of substantial damage being sustained.

Use of own motorcycle: If you are using your own motorcycle for the purposes of training  it must be in a roadworthy condition, taxed and insured, displaying L Plates if appropriate. You will need to be in possession and produce to the instructor a valid insurance certificate and if the machine is over 3 years old  a valid test certificate. Proof that the vehicle is taxed will also be required. If the vehicle presented is not roadworthy then the instructor reserves the right to refuse to take the machine on the public highway.

Student behaviour:  If at any time a student’s behaviour compromises safety or prevents group learning, their course will be terminated and all course fees forfeited. The instructor has the final decision in this matter.  If a student is not satisfied with the level of service provided by Bridgend Motorcycle Training then any complaint shall be made in writing to the Training Centre at Horsefair Road, Bridgend, within seven days of the occurrence taking place.

Clothing: Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times when undertaking training. The minimum requirement is deemed to be denim trousers and shoes that cover the ankle, such as walking boots. Your training or test may be terminated if unsuitable clothing is worn. No refunds for training or tests will be given.

Medical conditions/disabilities: If you have a medical condition or disability that  may affect your riding we ask that you notify us at the time of booking. We will do our best to accommodate whatever your need is so that you will be able to undertake your motorcycle training.

Course cancellation/payments: We operate a strict cancellation rule. If you cancel on the day of your training or fail to attend then your deposit will be forfeited. Courses are conducted in all weathers and will only be cancelled when there is snow, ice, high winds or other extreme weather conditions and this will be at the discretion of the examiner. All tests agreed and booked for, that involve DVSA Mod 1 and 2 tests, will be paid for by the candidate if they fail to attend on the day of the test or cancel outside the DVSA test cancellation requirements. Tests are cancelled from time to time by the DVSA and you may be able to claim for short notice cancellations in accordance with the DVSA cancellation policy. Your instructor will advise you. For all payments booked and paid for on line, if the customer does not avail themselves of the course that they have purchased then after a period of 6 calendar months they shall forfeit the fee. In all other cases of refunds for on line payments a £10 administration fee shall apply.

Gift Vouchers: All gift vouchers are valid until the date printed on the voucher. If the recipient of the voucher does not want to use it, then no refund will be given.  

Data protection: Your personal details will be safeguarded. Your contact details will be placed onto our database. You may receive information from time to time in connection with BMTC. If you do not wish to receive such information please note the fact on your trainee registration form.