Most of our testimonials come via our Facebook page so take a look. We have copied a few of the most recent posts here. Feel free to use our feedback form to give your feedback on the latest training that you have received from BRIDGEND MOTORCYCLE TRAINING CENTRE.
Connor Lloyd-Williams reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd5 star

Wednesday 6th December, 2017; Mod 1 and Mod 2.

Fantastic group of people and I am over the moon with the results. Passed both my module 1 and 2 first time and have no regrets at all. Everyone I was with worked hard to make the experience fun, enjoyable, and informal. They make sure to teach you how to pass both the module 1 and 2 tests but more importantly how to be a safe and effective rider when you do pass.

Gareth Ryan reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd5 star

29 November at 21:34 Mod 1 and Mod 2 ·

I carried out both my Mod 1 and Mod 2 training with the guys at BMTC, passing both at the first attempt, thanks to the thorough training and guidance and work put in by the guys at the centre. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I would highly recommend them if you are thinking of getting your licence. Thanks again �

Mike Hopkin reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd5 star

16th November 2017: Mod 1 and Mod 2:

I would like to thank all the riding instructors at Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre who helped me through my bike training and helped me achieving my full licence, I could not recommend these guys more, they have an incredible wealth of experience between them and what they don't know about riding on 2 wheels ain't worth knowing !!!! I'll be back for some more advanced beasting shortly !! Many Thanks Mike Hopkin

Luke Llewellyn Jones reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd5 star

8 November : Mod 2

I came to these guys from another instructor and I can honestly say I learnt more in one lesson with them than I did with the other company I went with at first. Passed my Mod 2, Happy no complaints!

Emma Whalley reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd5 star

021117:  Passed my Mod 1&2 with BMTC. Great group of guys. They make it so easy and put you right at ease from the beginning. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn to ride. And very reasonably priced too!!

Rebecca Adamson reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd5 star

011117: CBT

Had an ace day, excellent instruction from a friendly team. 9am: I’d never ridden a bike before...4pm: passed my CBT! Feel on top of the world! Thanks so much.

Rebecca Adamson

Excellent, personal and very professional tuition from a highly competent team. Spent the morning working through the CBT basics, practicing on the yard: manoeuvring, breaking and general handling and care of the bike. Then out on the roads to practice for 2 hours in the afternoon. I hadn’t ridden a bike previously and decided to stick with an automatic scooter today to make sure I got through the training and felt comfortable on a bike. I’d recommend doing a one hour taster session especially if you’re thinking about doing the geared bike, because even as a car driver, the geared bikes are pretty tricky to learn in one day. I loved my experience, and would highly recommend others to train with these guys. Thanks again all!

Mike H

Sep 25, 2017: CBT,Mod 1 and Mod 2.

Took my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 and passed all first time. I was relieved to get individual attention and advice as abilities & experience is always mixed. I would thoroughly recommend BMTC to get your licence, but also as they focus a lot on onward biking competence.

Cameron Mainwaring 

210917: CBT

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks you for letting me do my CBT with you guys. The instructor was very helpful and very polite and I really enjoyed it and the outcome was I passed so thank you very much.

Stuey Jones to Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd

270817: Taster session.

THANK YOU ALL. This morning I've had a taster session to see how I do on a bike. Not ridden since childhood and was very nervous. My trainer Alastair was extremely patient and filled me with confidence. During the session my positivity grew. Looking forward to the CBT Friday. See you then.

Kyle Marham reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd – 5 star

230817: Passed CBT in June, Mod 1 in July and Mod 2 today, in August! 

A friendly bunch of bikers who just want to see you pass your test. Props to all the team who had me through quickly and efficiently!

CBT renewal 210817:

Your name: K&K Plummer

Type of course undertaken: Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) 

Your feedback: Smart new yard and easily accessible on the edge of Bridgend. Our very knowledgeable instructor had the time and patience to cover all the important points of training.

Stuart Maidment reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd – 5 star


Best motorcycle training centre around, great instructors and more importantly really nice guys. Did my CBT, Mod 1 and today passed my Mod 2. Can't thank you enough. Will bring the bike down when I get it.

110817: Stephen PENNY Module 1 (Off road)
Your feedback: I had a fantastic time training with you and gaining the experience to pass my mod 1 you made me feel so welcome and comfortable in learning to ride the motorbike properly and I would tell anybody who wants to do the same to come to you so thank you very much and looking forward to my mod 2 experience.


CBT : Jamie L. Harding reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd – 5 star

28 July at 21:06 · 

Great group of guys and a perfect place to learn to ride. I trained with Alistair initially who was very patient, friendly and communicative; through no fault of his I had a little difficulty with the clutch initially which set us back in time, meaning I had to return two days later to complete my road ride (at no extra cost!). 

I did this with Chris (Carl?) who put me completely at ease and left me feeling positive and confident in my ability both before and after the ride. 
These guys are great, and I'll definitely be considering them if/when I come to gain further licenses.

Full licence: Conner McManus reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd – 5 star

Brilliant place. Was with them from CBT all the way to getting my full license. Even bought one of their bikes from them. Nothing but good things to say about these guys

Full licence: Steve Bourne reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd – 5 star

The guys there are awesome, very patient and are great coaches . Give them a go u wont be disappointed !!! Take some biscuits though they seem to go down well 

Did CBT today with Alister. He was a great teacher and very patient, supportive. Laid back, professional, and made me feel at ease on the bike. Thank you so much. See how I get on now and maybe back in a year or so with a theory certificate for the next stage. Thanks again

Full licence: Andrew Davies reviewed Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd – 5 star
5 June

Did my CBT in March, Mod 1 in April and Passed my Mod 2 on the 1st of June, i cant praise you enough for all your help and excellent tuition!!! 

Many thanks Gents wish you all the best for the future with your new premises, very highly recommended ���