Most of our testimonials come via our Facebook page or Google so please take a look. We have copied a few of the most recent posts here. Feel free to use our feedback form to give your feedback on the latest training that you have received from BRIDGEND MOTORCYCLE TRAINING CENTRE.

Chad Wachirawanich CBT 140723:

As an English as a second language, i would like to thank you Steve and Kevin for a very constructive CBT training. You both are resourceful, easy going and patience. Both theoretical and practical lessons are very helpful and give me a good grips how to ride safely. Appreciated.

Samuel Hunsche  CBT 100723:

Very nice place. Kind instructors and good motorcycles.

Tim Crothers  CBT 090723: 

The instructor's were friendly and professional and got me from never riding a motorcycle before to passing my CBT. Will hopefully be using them again in the future for my MOD1 & 2.

Akinwale A. Akinola CBT 080723:

 It has been a great experience. Steve and Kevin are amazing instructors. Really know how to ease you into motorcycle riding without pressure, but with absolute fun! I genuinely wanted to bail out after the off road training, but with the help of Kevin and Steve, once on the road I loved it and felt way more comfortable and confident. Definitely coming back for Mod 1 and Mod 2. I absolutely recommend this centre

Joshua McFarlane CBT 12th June, 2023:

5* service. We can't thank Kevin, Steve, and team enough for putting us at ease on 2 wheels. Will recommend to everyone. Thanks again.

Becca Jones Taster session 210523:

My partner and I had two taster sessions with both Kevin and Steve in preparation for hiring scooters on holiday and it was absolutely amazing, both trainers were incredibly patient and helpful and just overall lovely guys who couldn’t do enough to help us. I was quite nervous but they put me at ease and talked me through anything I struggled with. 5 stars plus 1! Amazing all around. Thank you!!

Gavin Robins Mod 2 100523:

100% recommend BMTC. All instructors are friendly and professional. They make very easy for you to go from CBT all the way through to MOD2. If your thinking of riding a bike give them a call!!

Susanna GarrettCBT 180323:

My son seemed to have a good experience here. Passed his CBT training after a slightly wobbly start.

Daniel ALLEN CBT 021122:

Did my CBT. Instructors were very helpful and taught all the information needed and how to check and ride the bike. Went for my road ride with Steve, he was brilliant and gave a lot of helpful information on how I should improve. 5/5 from me

Mark GOWAN  Mod 1/2271022:

Thanks to all the boys down the yard for teaching an old dog new tricks very professional outfit and instructors cheers lads

See you for some advanced training in the spring hopefully

Red JENKINS 19th October, 2022:

From the start these guys were amazing, all true bikers, mix teaching you how to actually ride, enjoy it and test focus. I had Chris as an instructor from CBT through to MOD2, what a great guy, pushes you, always super relaxed and is focused on you as a rider, not money. Great period learning with Chris, what a guy , thank you .

John ENTICOTT Mod 2 12th Oct 2022.      

Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre deserve the upmost praise. I was a confidence lacking trainee with no experience. From day one at the CBT, the guys were great. 

I was lucky enough to be trained by 4 of the instructors during my experience, Chris, Richard, Kevin and Lindsey all had buckets of patience and a calming effect.Their application to train and their friendliness towards trainees really helped. 

Throughout my Mod1 and Mod2 training Lynsey especially boosted my confidence and made me feel relaxed, his knowledge on the road and stay safe riding attitude left a mark. 

10/10 for BMTC Thank you for helping me achieve my goal.  John Enticott  Passed with a full license 12/10/22 

James BAKER CBT 161022

Had a fantastic day, the trainers Craig and Kevin really patient, as well as professional they were a good laugh which settled the nerves. Cbt done, theory booked and if allowed back lol can't wait for the beginning of more advanced training....... Couldn't recommend better.

Dean MEADOWS Intensive course 031022:

I completed an intensive course for my full category A. I had a bloke of time off which they where more than happy to try and accommodate. The level of instruction and the actual instructors knowledge is second to none!! They all have tips and methods which offers an amazing variety whilst all working towards the same goal and achieving the coaching goals! I would not recommend anywhere else to go! They operate like a true professional should. When you think you will be the most vulnerable person on the road! It's key to be safe and at a competent level. They teach you how to ride safely not just rehearsals on how to pass a test! Faultless is all I can say. Thank you all gentlemen!

Chris PHILLIPS CBT 021022:

A great day of training. Thankyou to Len and Steve for being so supportive. I'm looking forward to completing my Mod 1 and 2 with you guys

Lee OWENS CBT, Mod 1/2170922:

Done my cbt to mod 2 with these guys and I can highly recommend. Great set up, patient instructors, great place to learn. You only have the lessons that you need to get you up to test standard.

Vykki MURPHY CBT 140822:

Steve was a great trainer. I was so bad to start with I thought I was gonna be carted off in an ambulance 🤣 but I finished the day on a high as I quickly picked it up! Great training and well worth the sweat and perseverance 🤣

Steven POWELL Taster 070822:

First time riding a motorcycle if you are the same as myself, you should book a taster before taking your CBT Bridgend training Center is the best, you will find in just,1 hr taster it builds your confidence and relaxes you with there training.
I found them great and I was confident riding the motorbike with in about 15 minutes,they explain everything so well.
The training is superb.

Katrina McDONALD Mod 1/2 210722:

Well it started with my CBT with Kevin hardly had any experience but he managed to put up with me and completed my CBT thank you Kevin. Then on to my Mod 1 training and Mod 1 test with training coming from Lyndsey and Chris again super friendly and cant thank them both enought! I got my Pass certificate with all the training and feedback given by the intructors! On to my Mod 2 which i had today again Lyndsey trained me for this and what a excellent job he done with just 5 hour training he said i was ready and booked my test. So i will add BMTC will not take money off you for training which isnt needed so highly recommended friendly instructors, very welcoming staff, Passed my Mod 2 first attempt aswell so an amazing result! I drove just short of a hour to get the BMTC but it is worth it to all the riders looking to become complete qualified or just want CBT. Bridgend is the place to go. Thank you so much to all the staff much appreciated and on to some happy riding

John DESFORGES Mod 1/2 150722:

Thanks for the training and support you guys are the best 😇🤪

Keenan DAVIES taster session and CBT 130722:

I had never ridden a motorcycle before so I booked a taster session, within that hour I was able to change gears and do some slow speed control. I booked my CBT for 1 week later and passed yesterday. I could not be happier with my experience at Bmtc, I highly recommend.

Lewis JONES CBT 160622:

I've never driven a bike before, but kev and Chris were so helpful and patient. thoroughly enjoyed the day, and looking forwards to continuing my motorbike journey, thanks again both!

John OVENSTONE CBT 150622:

Big thank you to Chris & Kev for building my confidence to complete my CBT. Instructor was very informative and helpful. I feel 100% confident in my abilities to safely ride on the road. Again, massive thank you guys. Absolutely buzzing.

Carys GOWER CBT 010622:

Thankyou so much for having me and teaching me the things I need to know to be safe on the roads!🏍 see you guys out there!x

Jenn TAGUE CBT 280522:

Thanks guys! You’re Amazing at what you do🙂 really enjoyed x

Samuel ROWLANDS 140522:

Would highly recommend! Great instructors would definitely recommend it to anyone! Great bunch of guys great atmosphere and so welcoming! Massive thank you to Lindsey who went above and beyond to fit me in for my mod 1 and 2!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jo YANNICK CBT 050522:

Great great experience! I would recommend booking the additional training option if you are going for your CBT training.
I arrived without much knowledge about motorcycles and left with a passion for riding!
Believe you can do it and you will do it.
Bring your own great if you can though you don't wanna be riding with other people's gear.

Ed BULLOCK Intensive course 020522:

Outstanding training by Lindsey. I've done a lot of off road motocross over the years so opted for the fast-rack one week course to do my Mod 1 & Mod 2 tests. Tips provided were spot on in getting me road ready, great training routes and a good laugh along the way - highly recommend!

Kieran ATTARD CBT 230322:

Highly recommend this cbt centre

Katrina McDONALD CBT 170322:

Fab day and thank you, highly recommend! 😊

Thomas MICHAEL Mod 1/2020322:

Great place, great instructors, all patient and friendly. Special shout out to Chris who helped me massively on both my mod 1 and 2!

Jamie JARMAN Mod 2 230222:

I have used Bridgend Motorcycle Training for my CBT, MOD1, and MOD2 and I can honestly say they're an exemplary training school. From day 1 on my CBT I received a friendly and professional service hence why I continued my training with these guys.

I feel like I have been trained properly not only how to ride a Motorcycle, but how to stay safe doing it, and how to look after my bike. I cannot fault any instructor and must say that they do their utmost to help you no matter your ability. I will be returning for some advanced training very soon.

Would highly recommend to anybody!!

Nathan RD  CBT 170222:

100% recommend Bridgend motorcycle training, amazing trainers and make you feel relaxed and safe. Looking forward to booking my mod 1 and 2 soon

Gareth GRIFFITHS CBT 120211:

Thankyou Chris (instructor) you were brilliant, had a great day, and Cody made it even better 😅😂. Hopefully see you soon


I would personally like to thank Chris, the Irish patron Saint of patience. He took considerable time to ensure I was up to par with road standards and I really appreciate it. Safety is naturally their first priority but that doesn't mean they're not a fun bunch of friendly blokes. Cannot thank them enough and couldn't have done it without them and will be returning with them to do my MOD 1/2

Katherine REED Mod 1 060222:

Thank you for your fantastic training and support ! … I was just pleased that I arrived safely and to pass was amazing ❤️🏍

Luke FRY 030222:Excellent team of instructors. They got me through all my training from cbt to mod2.

Highly recommended

John LAMBERT CBT 060122:

Amazing day today, passed my CBT. Thank you.Get yourself down and try a taster session or CBT it’s a great place with fantastic instructors.

Stuart MOON Mod 1/2; 070122:

Thanks Rich/Linds for your wisdom and patience getting me through my Mod 1 & Mod 2 first time. Enjoyed every second..

Gavin HAINES Mod 1/2 311221:

A great place to learn in a calm and supportive environment. The instructors have the patience of saints and I know I tested it more than once. Would recommend this training school to anyone and already have done.

Henrietta SZATHMARU Mod 2 291221:

So pleased with the service I received at Bridgend Motorcycle Training. These guys know what they are doing and care about their students, I cannot fault them at all. My instructor Lindsey treated me like family, letting me tag along to practice rides before my test. He calmed my nerves before my mod2 and celebrated with me when I passed. Excellent training, great atmosphere, very much recommend!!


Great CBT training, just booked my MOD 1 training also. Will use these guys to complete my motorcycle licence.

Mark EVERTON Mod 1/2 041221:

would like to say a big thank you to Bridgend motorcycle training center for there excellent training great atmosphere and very friendly staff, would like to say a big thank you to Chris and Richard for getting me through my mod 1,2 would definitely recommend 100%

Julian GOODE Mod 1/2 021221:

Just want to say a massive thank you to Bridgend Motorcycle Training for getting me through my mod 1 and 2 couldn’t of done it without you. Would 100% recommend. Just want to say a special thanks to Lindsey and Richard for getting me my last minute test.

Simon EVANS Mod 1/2  191121:

A massive Thankyou to all the team that have given Simon lessons and supported him with his tests 😊he can not thank you enough for how good you are as a training centre and would recommend anyone to use you all 😊😊Thankyou again from Simon

Alexander LLOYD  CBT 191121:

Had a brilliant day learning to ride a motorbike. Great guys here really hands on and helpful. I had a great time out on the test even in our beautiful Welsh rain. Thanks guys

Andrew MORGAN Mod 2 181121:

amazing bunch of tutors down at bmct really made the training enjoyable and despite the awful weather every time we went out passed mod 2 today would recommend these guys to anyone awesome thanks all at Bridgend motorcycle training centre

Gav HAYES Mod 1 and 2  101121:

Successfully completed mod 1 and 2 due to the excellent level of instruction given by the staff and in particular Lindsay. I would highly recommend Bridgend Motorcycle Training to any prospective student.

Thomas FROOM CBT 011122:

Massive thank you to all the guys at Bridgend motorcycle training ! Great instructors and an amazing friendly experience !

Simon EDWARDS  October 2021:

Highly recommend this motor bike training company, just passed my direct access first time with no faults , speaks volumes for these instructors especially Lindsey, and his wife was always polite and helpful. Thanks for everything 👍🏻

Douggie PORTWOOD Return to biking 291022:

Just wanted to say a really big thank you to Lindsey for my ‘back to biking’ session yesterday. I have almost dried out from our trip back down the A470. 😉 It has been many more years than I care to remember since I was last on a bike and I was looking to get an opportunity to get back in the saddle again. I found BMTC online and dropped them a note. I got an answer the same day and after a chat with Lindsey, the date was booked. As the day got closer, the weather forecast looked a bit iffy so some waterproofs were ordered however the guys have it all there and available. I needed some new ones for dog walking anyway. Arrived at 9am to a very warm welcome from all the guys and offered a coffee before being introduced to my trusty steed for the day. All the main bits were in the same place as I remembered them to be and Lindsey walked me through the bike. Making sure everything was adjusted correctly it was a bit of yard work to get rid of the cobwebs. A few gentle reminders and a couple of braking exercises then we were off. Joined by another gent who, just like me had not been on a bike for a while, we set off. Cracking day. Good tips from the boss on route as well as some really fantastic scenery in one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Coms were crystal clear and Lindsey turned into a tour guide as well as a 1st class bike instructor. If you are looking to learn to ride, or like me looking to test the water again, these guys should be your first (and only) call. Thanks again for the day, it was brilliant.

Dominic MADDOCKS Mod 1 and 2151021:

Fantastic training from a quality bunch of instructors, helped me fly through mod 1 and mod 2. If you're looking to learn in a professional but chilled environment these are the guys to call

Caz HINTON Mod 2 240921:

Got to say a massive Thank you .... to the guys at BMTC .... for their help, patience and encouragement ... couldn't recommend them enough to anybody wanting to start their motorbike journey .... once again Thank you

George NEWBURY Mod 1/2  271021:

Excellent training from very experienced instructors. Very accommodating and managed to fit training around my work schedule. Thanks Lindsey, Chris and Richard for your help.

Lloyd LEWIS 240921:

Passed my mod 2 yesterday , and I would highly recommend Bridgend motorcycle training centre to anyone looking to get their bike licence.

 Jake DIX Mod 2 240421:

BMTC are a fantastic school, they train to a very high standard, would highly recommend to anyone who looking to do their bike licence!

Paul ASHDOWN CBT 180921:

I would like to thank the team down at BMTC for earning their pay to get me through the CBT test! ;o)) I know that they will agree that i will need more than a few sessions to get me through to A2 status to pass but hey! it takes as long as it takes right!?. Thanks for your time patients & expertise with this 58yr old, I have enjoyed making you earn for me! ;o)) Keep up the excellent work you do to keep all the nutters safe. I will be back! ;o)) T P Ashdown (Old MOD)

Rachel GREEN Mod 1/2 170921:

Thank you for everything you have done. Squeezing me in and working around my busy army schedule where possible. I have had a great laugh and a load of fun with you and your lovely team. I couldn’t recommend a better training centre!!


From the start of the day was made to feel comfortable i have never been on the road with car or moterbike so didn't have the confidence but soon as i had the training i couldn't wait and 10 minutes on the roads was all i needed if they can get me ready and do the cbt then they can help anyone
thank you BMTC will be down with biscuits soon ?

Matthew DIXON Mod 2 160921:

Thank you soo much for your time and training. Its been nice to actually get out and ride the bike rather than just look at it lol. I'll pop around with some biscuits for you all soon.

Leighton POWELL CBT 080921:

Had an awesome day with Chris doing my cbt thank you so much -  was amazing.

Scott RUMPH Mod 2 010921:

The guys at bridgend motorcycle training are great, passed my mod 2 today ?
I highly recommend them, fantastic training

Damien BAMFORD Mod 1/2 260821:

I second your feedback Michal PULA:
Outstanding and dedicated trainers. If anyone is looking to learn, I highly recommend Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Ltd.
Thank you guys ?

Michael PULA Mod 1/2 260821: 

This is thanks to great trainer we had Richard. !!! I will be back spring time for more advance training with you guys. Anyone like to learn solid riding skills, go to BMTC. Thank you all for ur support.

Peter BEDDOES 240821:

What a great bunch of guys, highly recommend them to get you riding to a high standard. Thanks ?

Anthony HARRIS CBT 190821:

Huge thank you to BMTC, fab service and 1st class guys

William DAVIES Mod 1/2 160821:

Well thank you for all ur help getting my bike licence..Will recommend to all that want to do ur test-  good everyone

Mike ANDERSON CBT 060821:

Done my CBT today with Chris, brilliant teacher loads of knowledge and the hole thing was extremely well taught. Very impressed with the service. Will be back soon for my full licence.

Kacper BUJAK CBT 040821:

Thank you for a great training session provided by bunch of awesome instructors! See you again soon hopefully

Pancho POWELL CBT 250721:

Best experience I've had in a while, great attitude, very welcoming and brilliant instructing by Chris Scott

Nuno Teixeira CBT, Mod 1.2 training 250721:

Good and expert's trainer's doing a good job

Adrian JONES Mod 1/2 training 240721:

Lindsey is an old-skool police bike instructor that has been there and done it. Along with his straight talking and no messing team, they deliver high quality training that will get you through your MOD 1&2 tests. If you want to get your bike licence then I can High recommend these guys.

James PRICE Mod 1/2  17th July, 2021:

I was very lucky enough to pass my MOD1 and MOD2 in the same day!! Thank you for time and patience, I was given excellent training.

Great instructors, I highly recommend.

Jason McDONALD CBT 140721:

Well situated and trainers are enthusiastic and patient.

Ciaran JACKSON 080721:

I was extremely lucky to get CBT to MOD 2 completed in 3 months CBT in March and MOD 2 in June.
Excellent training and great communication throughout the whole process (sorry if i was a bit naggy) ?
Thank you all for making the process so enjoyable and see you out on the roads!
Highly recommended ?

Jennie -Mod 1 training 300621:

Did my first mod 1 session with these guys on Saturday. I didn't have much faith in my motorcycling ability after riding for only one year after a CBT. I thought it'd be 1:1 instruction but I was thankful to be participating with two others. Plenty of learning opportunities throughout the three hours including watching others, receiving personal constructive feedback, practical manoeuvres and group chats. Really enjoyed my time here, the instructors made me feel at ease and looking forward to my next session. Thank you

Josh DANIEL Mod 1 and 2 230621:

Great experience on both my restricted and full license. Didn’t take advantage and get all the £££ they could. Once prepped I was straight in for my test and passed with no errors.

Top bunch!

Gordan McNEILL Mod 1 and 2 160621:

Went into test highly confident because “Lyndsey & Richard” tuition is of the highest standards and I was prepared and ready to go without any hesitation.
Thanks again

Jonathan MATTHEWS CBT 130621

:It was a good day and the instructor was brilliant but cant remember his name (Steve)and thanks for the day well worth a try.

Benito DAY CBT 260521:

Fantastic instructor and all round nice bloke. I took my CBT back a few weeks ago and because I am looking to do direct access - thankfully I can still ride and was given the opportunity to take the CBT on a big bike.

Looking forward to further training.Thanks Lindsey

Dave TIDDY CBT 210521:

These guys are simply brilliant.....Thank you so much Richard and Kevin.

Meurig SMITH CBT 210521:

Really excited. Learnt a lot from Steve the instructor. A good influence on me. Recommend to anyone to try. Once again thank-you ever so much to all the trainers.

Matthew BAKER CBT 210521:

I attended my CBT training course today at your centre in Bridgend and I just wanted to drop you a message by email as I’m not on Facebook. 

My whole experience from start to finish has been brilliant and I couldn’t recommend you any higher. 

The CBT course was taken by Phill today and as a newbie wannabe rider I couldn’t of wished for a more informative, experienced, friendly and patient trainer. The centre is perfect for a leaner experience, the equipment and motorcycles were outstanding but most of all the trainer Phill was exceptional. I look forward to seeing you for the next phase of my motorcycle training. 

Simon EDWARDS. Mod 1/2 070521:

Highly recommend this motor bike training company. Just passed my direct access first time with no faults. Speaks volumes for these instructors, especially Lindsey, and his wife was always polite and helpful. Thanks for everything.

Gareth THOMAS Intensive course Mod 1/2 300421:

Just like to thank Linsey and Richard this week, completed the intense course over the period of a week, been fantastic from the word go. All paid off passed mod 1 and mod 2 with clean sheets, thank you again guys, been a pleasure!! Gareth

Sez WHATLEY CBT 130421:

With no previous riding experience, I was a little nervous about taking the first steps to motorcycle riding, however, with the expert and professional guidance of instructors Chris and Phil, I passed my CBT! These guys are knowledgeable, eternally patient and focused on building safe, confident riders.
Thank you so much to you- I look forward to returning to progress my riding skills with you.

Leigh PRICE CBT 120421:

Completed my CBT with Phil yesterday. Thanks Phil. Great instructor.Looking forward to doing the rest of my test

Ben REES CBT 080421:

Did my CBT with the guys and thoroughly enjoyed. They're a nice team who go out of their way to help and advise.
I plan on getting some miles under my belt and if all goes well progress to the next stage.
Thanks guys

Chris RIXON CBT 211020:

Chris is a brilliant teacher who was very patient.
I haven't been out on a bike for many years and Chris inspired confidence and made learning an enjoyable experience.
Would highly recommend Bridgend Motorcycle Training

Alyssa KNAB CBT, Mod 1 and 2 230920:

From CBT to full licence, these guys have just been the best!

Special thanks to Chris and Rich who've taught me a lot during CBT and Mod2 training.

Elizabeth MURPHY CBT/Mod 1 and 2 090920:

A very big thank you to BMTC you never gave up on me even when I wanted to quit. The training and advice you give is outstanding thank you all for giving me the confidence to follow my dream.

Sergio BATISTA Mod 2 090920:

Thank you all for your patience, dedication and motivation during training , you made my life a lot happier today

 Matt WILLIAMS CBT 080920:

At the end of August, I had the pleasure of completing my CBT through the guidance of Chris Scott. I had never ridden a bike before so was apprehensive to say the least, especially when the other gentleman taking his CBT was refreshing after a period of the bike. Throughout the entire day, Chris was thorough and professional, maintaining the pace of the day to how well we handled each exercise. Despite the wettest day in weeks, we were fortunate that the rain stopped in our road based training, and Chris continued with a positive (and corrective) word in our ear! Thanks for an enjoyable day, thoroughly looking forward to taking the next steps to Mod 1 and beyond!

Ryan LEWIS CBT/Mod 1 and 2 050920:

These guys are great very professional and friendly. Right through training from CBT to the end made me feel very comfortable and their training saw me successfully pass my full bike test first time of asking. If your looking to get on a bike these guys provide a great affordable training school. I cannot speak highly enough of these guys highly recommended to say the least.

John HIGGINS Return to Biking 040920:

I have been thinking about returning to bike riding for a while after a period of 12 years out of the saddle, one phone call to BMTC and the next thing I knew, I was on the bike and regaining my confidence again. the no pressure approach was all I needed and with back side on one of their bikes and after 10 mins around the cones, we hit the road and it all came flooding back to me, supported by a voice over the radio for guidance and encouragement. The welcome was great and I felt comfortable from the introduction. It was the best 2 hrs I have spent in ages and came away encouraged and with renewed ambition to purchase my own bike. Thank you to all at BMTC and especially to Lindsey for his professional and calm support. Just what the doctor ordered.


Would highly recommend made the day very enjoyable Chris made it very easy to learn and understand everything

Thomas McCONNELL CBT 150820:

Chris and Steve were brilliant and very patient, they explained everything and anything we had trouble with they would demonstrate or try and find a solution i highly recommend these guys if your thinking of going for your CBT

Ryan GRINTER CBT 310720:

Brilliant service, great staff would recommend then to anyone, I done my cbt with chris and he was so helpful and understanding

Liam BARWICK CBT 100620:

Brilliant experience doing my CBT with the very patient Chris! Would highly recommend.

Dawid SWIERCZEK CBT 230520:

this place was amazing, very nice people and Chris was amazing and so helpful! his teaching was calm and clear. cheers!!

Ryan NEARY CBT 070520:

Had a great day today doing my cbt with chris. Will be going here when lockdown is lifted to do my direct access

Nicky MOYLEY CBT 210320:

had a great day down at bmtc to do my cbt with phil great fun and real informative would highly recommend !!

Dan SHIELDS 140320:

What a bunch of legends , I would advise and recommend anyone to use bridgend Motorcycle training. As I was familiar with a bike I did not want a company that would just want my money only !! I was recommend to Lindsey and his lads by a close friend, and I was not disappointed. They are all very knowledgeable and from my experience, and only want to make everyone a good rider . If you're ready they will tell you! thank you all for the great experience I had with you .Keep up the great work and patience guys

Twm DRAPER 060220:

Went from my A2 license to full license. Great value and only paid for the training I needed. Thanks Richard and Steve

Josh JENKINS. Mod 1 and 2  160120:

Really good. Done my mod 1 and mod 2 with them looked after. would recommend to anybody