WHAT do I need to do to pass my motorcycle test?
  • hold a current CBT certificate
  • have passed the Theory and Hazard Perception test. Click here for further information.
  • pass your Module 1 (off road) test. Click here for further information.
  • pass your Module 2 (on road) test. Click here for further information
For even those of us in the business it gets a bit confusing as to what machine you can use to pass your test, etc. We'll try and keep it simple. 

16years old (AM)- you can ride a moped (50cc).
17years old (A1)   - you can ride a 125cc machine.
19 to 24 old (A2) - after passing your test you can ride a restricted motorcycle (A2). After two years you can take further tests to ride an unrestricted machine  or if you reach the age of 24 years of age during the two year period then see below.
24years of age and above (A)- after passing your test you can ride any machine as long as you do the test on an unrestricted machine.

Take a look at the table on the right that gives you the different ages, machines, etc.


Moped, tricycle or quad bike

Light motorcycle

Standard motorcycle

Unrestricted motorcycle

Licence category





Minimum age of rider





Engine capacity

Up to 50cc

120 to 125cc

At least 395cc

At least 595cc

Maximum speed

Up to 28mph

55mph or above



Engine power

Up to 4kW

Up to 11kW

20 to 35kW

At least 40kW

Power to weight ratio



Up to 0.2 kW/kg


Power to weight ratio if you use a sidecar


Up to 0.16kW/kg


Up to 0.16kW/kg

 you only pay for the training that you need. Our instructors will advise you accordingly. In simple terms if you need the training we will tell you. If you don't need the training then we won't overtrain you. Our experienced team of instructors will know whether and when you are test ready.

Our costs:
Module 1 training - £20 per hour.
Module training     - £25 per hour.

Our instructors will explain how we go about our training process and you can always contact us for more information. We can provide you with a pricing menu based on the average trainee to complete CBT, Module 1 and Module 2 tests which totals approximately £620.  Costs vary as each individual is different and each has differing skill levels and abilities. After completing your CBT we understand that passing your test is an expensive business so with us you pay as you train. That makes it all the more affordable with: 

We can provide intensive courses if needed,  for example,  work commitments; living away or abroad;  duty in the Armed Forces, etc. but the majority of our training is based on the 'little and often' learning experience. We strongly advise against 'intensive courses' but understand that in some cases this is the only way for some to achieve the objective of passing their motorcycle test. Contact us for more details and costs.

Check this link out to view the Module 1 test video prepared by the DVSA.

Check this link out to view the Module 2 test video prepared by the DVSA.