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Why BMTC.......?? - Because we care about YOU & what we do!

We've been training bikers for over 30 years  and we still love what we do. There is nothing to beat the thrill of riding a motorbike and we only teach the safe and competent way. We offer many different levels of training as you will see from the short synopsis below,  click of any of the headers for a much more in depth view of what is involved at every level. 

Not sure of how you want to, or can train, see our easy to follow Map Of Motorcycle Training


If you're not sure that you want to complete a full CBT then why not try one of our hour long 'taster sessions'. For just £25 you can have an hour long session just to 'get you going'. We emphasise that this is not a structured lesson as such but is designed for those who have never ridden before to just get a taste of what you are likely to experience on the CBT course and to get you riding. 

We also recommend a taster session for those who are intending to complete a CBT but have never ridden before. By undertaking an hours training the 'taster session' just prepares you for your CBT and will make your CBT a far more enjoyable experience as you will have the basic control of the machine, especially if you are intending to complete your CBT on a geared machine. 

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

This is the course to get you mobile with no experience required. The entry point for everyone wishing to ride, and it validates Cat A provisional entitlement on the driving licence. 

We offer a full days training typically from 0900hrs until 1600hrs and this is inclusive of motorcycle hire, helmet, gloves and riding jacket if required. We offer onsite refreshments, and are happy to run a CBT course of any day of the week. 

If for some reason, you can't complete your CBT in a day, we also offer an additional half days training for FREE. We really can't say fairer than that. However, please bear in mind, that you must achieve the minimum standard of riding as required by the DSA for a CBT certificate to be issued.

Our standard CBT costs from £110, however there is a discount available for booking 2 or more CBTs at the same time, please call for details

For a more in depth view of the CBT click here

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Part A2(restricted) Motorcycle Licence

This is the course that provides the training for you to reach the standard required to pass the practical test on a category A 'standard motorcycle' (121cc to 125cc and capable of 100kmh). After this you can discard your L-plates and carry a pillion passenger.

For a more in depth view of A2 training, click here.

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Direct Access or Accelerated Access

This is the course that provides the training for you to reach the Modules 1 and 2 test standard. The test will be completed in two modules. The specified manoeuvres conducted at specific speeds will be tested in module 1 on safe, off-road sites.
These specified manoeuvres are:

  1. at least two manoeuvres carried out at slow speed, including a slalom
  2. at least two manoeuvres carried out at higher speed, of which one exercise should be in second or third gear, at a speed of at least 30 km/h (approx. 19 mph) and one exercise avoiding an obstacle at a minimum speed of 50 km/h (approx. 32 mph)
  3. at least two braking manoeuvres, including an emergency brake at a minimum speed of 50 km/h (approx. 32 mph)

On the day of your module 1 test, you will be escorted to the test centre and asked by the DSA Examiner to demonstrate your riding ability on either the left-hand or right-hand circuit. The standard off-road layout may change because of local conditions on the casual sites.

There's great news for students as well, as we are one of the few training schools to have a dedicated Module 1 training centre, so when you get to the test centre the layout isn't a surprise to you, for more details, Click Here

For a more in depth view of Direct Access training, click here.

Course cost: £25 per hour (inclusive of motorcycle hire). The average person will need approximately 14 hourly sessions and the total cost including all your test fees is about £600. A more specific breakdown can be provided. However, we at BMTC appreciate that our customers time is precious, and they may wish to obtain their licence in a fixed time, which is why we offer our intensive courses. Please call for details.

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Other Motorcycle Training

We offer many other kinds of motorcycle training, including A1 training for smaller capacity motorcycles, post test training and motorcycle training for the disabled, click here for more details.

Map Of Motorcyle Training